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Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's we researched, developed and operated low cost cable systems to minimize damage to soils, streams, and high quality trees when removing low quality trees for firewood. The initial research resulted in a book that described over 40 different cable systems. The book by written by Gerry Hawkes in 1979 is titled Cable Harvesting Systems for Small Timber

While we demonstrated that rather unsophisticated skyline cable systems could thin woodlands with far less disturbance and fuel consumption than conventional ground based methods, we could not achieve enough productivity to break even. If somehow our economic system could have accounted for the value of the streams left undisturbed, the soil left undisturbed and uncompacted, and the quality trees left undamaged, the cable methods would have proven very sustainable. Since I can't change our economic system, I have put cable thinning systems aside until someday the resources become available to develop the relatively inexpensive, easy to rig, high speed, synchronized cable system that I have had in mind for many years.

Presently Forest Savers conducts woodland improvement during winter months using a radio controlled winch mounted on one of its 60 hp forestry tractors.

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