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Saving Forests From Fires

Compact, yet highly productive Forest Savers systems work efficiently and safely in the urban/wildland interface where homes are surrounded by valuable trees and flammable brush. Potentially flammable brush is rapidly cut and shredded, significantly reducing fire risk while leaving healthy, undamaged larger trees to grow.

Saving Forests From Being Choked By Invasive Species

Forest Saver's brush cutting and mulching system can cut and shred dense stands of invasive trees, brush and plants and free desirable species to grow.

Saving Valuable Trees From Damage

Forest Savers' unique, highly maneuverable equipment can operate quickly between closely spaced trees.

Saving Organic Matter & Nutrients

Brush is shredded and is lightly tilled into the surface with multiple passes. This leaves the forested site looking clean and free of unwanted brush, yet all the organic matter is left right on site in a form that is far less flammable and more readily decomposes back into the soil.

Saving Roots From Damage

The cutting action of Forest Savers system effectively skims the surface of the ground removing small, sharp stumps that other methods leave behind. The surface can be tilled just enough to incorporate shredded brush into the top inch or two of soil, but does not dig deeper to damage the roots of larger trees.

Saving Landowners Money

Cutting and chipping brush is labor intensive and expensive. Forest Savers' system saves time, labor and money since, unlike cutting and chipping, brush is cut and shredded all in one operation with little or no hand labor or chainsaw use. Excellent trails can often be constructed and the surface smoothed without the expense and soil disturbance of bulldozing and excavating.

Insight on Forest Savers excerpted from a presentation to the American Precision Museum

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