Improving the Health, Beauty, Productivity, Enjoyment 


Value of Your Land

without herbicides or pesticides


from backyards to large acreages

Trail Design, Construction, & Maintenance

perfect for Woodland Access, Equestrians, Walkers, Bikers & Skiers


rapid construction with less soil displacement

Wildlife Habitat Improvement

openings ~ releasing beneficial vegetation

Brush & Invasive Vegetation Control

cutting, uprooting, shredding & flame treatment  around water reservoirs, near homes, and on farms without the use of herbicides

Woodland Improvement

creating room for the best trees to grow


Brush Cutting & Shredding

turn tangles of brush into beautiful woodlands or meadows

Pasture & Field Restoration

reclaim overgrown fields  or trim back edges and shred invading brush

protecting homes in the wildland-urban interface


site prep & plantings along roadsides or in meadows

Post-Storm or After Logging Cleanup

removal or shredding of fallen trees, limbs and bent saplings, smoothing and grading of rutted or eroded trails

The unique Forest Savers system developed by Gerry Hawkes is versatile and cost effective.

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with specialized equipment developed exclusively for Forest Savers®

This readily transported, versatile equipment is particularly well suited to efficiently clearing brush and building trails in the Wildland-Urban-Interface

Complementary Quotes Provided

Uprooting, shredding & flaming are effective means of control that can eliminate
 or greatly reduce the need to use herbicides.  Using an easily transportable
 and highly maneuverable forestry tractor makes the work cost competitive, fast, and efficient while producing excellent results. (8th generation machine)
Clearing a hilltop view
The members of the Dummerston Conservation Commission are so pleased
 with the clearing work Forest Savers did on Prospect Mountain this summer.
 It is wonderful to see the care you took to preserve the blueberry bushes
 and to mulch and rake the cleared area.  
We were amazed that there was so little evidence of the equipment's path up the mountain.  
Townspeople can now once again enjoy the views from the summit.  We plan to begin work on the trail this fall.  Many thanks for your excellent work.

Reclaiming a field edge that has grown in with dense buckthorn.  This method works for any type of brush and small trees that have grown in around field edges or lawns.
(7th generation machine)

Flame Control of Multiflora Rose
Flame is generally used when conditions
don't permit access for uprooting and shredding.
Uprooting, Mowing, Shredding, and Mulching Brush
(6th generation machine)
Flame Treatment of Invasive BuckthornControlling Invasive Vegetation on Watersheds

The ability to effectively and efficiently complete multiple tasks with one, highly mobile machine while causing minimal disturbance and toxic impact to the soil, water, desirable vegetation, or infrastructure, gives the Forest Savers system a significant speed, cost, and environmental advantages over hand labor, other mechanized methods, or chemicals.


Why are we called Forest Savers?

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